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Company catalog Iran Fiber at a glance is a collection of services and equipment, training, knowledge sharing, installation, maintenance, support and other services related to optical networks. One of the most important goals of Iran Fiber is to raise awareness about the concept of FTTH in the country’s information and communication technology experts community.

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Optical fiber splitter And pigtail and PatchCord

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Why Fiber Optic?

Advantages of fiber optic compared to copper wires

  • Cheaper
  • Thinner
  • High capacity
  • Slight weakening
  • Light signals
  • Low power consumption
  • Digital signals
  • Non-flammable
  • light weight
  • flexible

Why is Iran Fiber?

Improvement of iranfiber communication is the only manufacturer of PLC split in the country, which has exploited the production process and is a manufacturer of pectin and pectin and these products are used by the telecommunication operators of the country, in particular, Telecommunication Company of Iran.

Catalog of Iran Fiber Company.

Introduction to Iran Fiber

  • Iran Fiber at a glance (with the official name of improving Chehelsoton communication) was established in 2006 in Isfahan, in order to carry out various activities based on consulting, network design, equipment supply and various engineering services in the field of optical networks.

    The founders of this company consist of various specialists in communications engineering, photonics and business management. This company has always been a part of the world of technology. And by identifying global trends in light telephony, and conducting the necessary research, the services and products are tailored to the needs of the market.

    With the advent of the concept of FTTX and the growing proximity of fiber optic to the door to the home, Iran Fiber has, in recent years, given its main mission to offer a variety of services and products in this area.

  • The company’s activities are specialized in fiber optic networks, and the quantitative and qualitative factors necessary to provide the best of its services and products are aimed at the market. Some of the advantages of Iran Fiber that distinguishes it from other competitors are as follows:
    – composed of the most specialized people in the field of optical networks

    – Restrict your products and services to your core expertise, that is, light networks

    – Has a long-term and scientific program to increase its market share

    – Providing educational resources and organizing training courses

    – Providing a complete range of Fixed Telecommunications Generation (FTTH) products and services.

    – Conduct continuous scientific researches and studies and keep up with the latest technologies of fiber-optic networks.

  • Telecommunications companies

    industrial centers

    Telecommunication contractors

    Companies providing IT infrastructure solutions

    Commercial, administrative and shopping malls

    Residential complexes

    Construction companies and hijackers

    Students interested in optical communication